P.E. and Common Core

Common Core and Physical Education

This should not be a time to re-invent the work that you do in physical education. This is the time to re-evaluate your teaching style and find the natural links to the common core standards. For some teachers this will be easier than others, depending on possible challenges in class size and space… This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. When integrating the common core standards in PE it is important to remember the following about physical education:

  • physical education should be providing moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) throughout class time
  • physical education should incorporate instruction within activity time
  • instructional time should focus on students learning social, psychomotor, and/or cognitive skills
  • reading and writing can be integrated into your PE activities, not integrating activity into reading and writing
  • do not force a link to a common core standard, keep it simple and clear cut

The common core is about getting our students to think critically, develop deeper understanding, read to question, solve problems, and to argue with references. This all happens in PE class, it’s just recognizing where it happens and bringing it out through teachable moments. The common core linkages are not difficult but it may take some planning and getting used to if you typically teach a direct style class and don’t often ask for student input.

Planning Tips on Common Core and PE

  • integrating common core begins with using inquiry into your classes and asking students ‘how’ and ‘why’
  • have conversations with teachers from the other subject areas to get ideas for using inquiry
  • using guided discovery teaching style will provide more opportunity to link common core standards
  • create discussions during cool down or between bouts of MVPA
  • ask opinions, and debate topics related to health and fitness – current events can help
  • assign research projects that the students get to ask the synthesizing questions
  • have students analyze athletic skills and debate the proper mechanics, or field positions

Resources for PE and Common Core