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  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Judy LoBianco named in Education Week's 2018 Leaders To Learn From - ET CETERA
    SHAPE America President-Elect Judy LoBianco is among an elite group of school district leaders recognized in Education Week's annual Leaders To Learn From report. This honor spotlights the exceptional leaders who are working to enact — and inspire — transformational change in the nation's school districts. Education Week's inclusion of LoBianco puts a national spotlight on innovative health and physical education district leadership.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Grief counseling plays major role in school shooting recoveries - ET CETERA
    On Feb. 14, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, murdered at least 17 people allegedly using an AR-15 assault weapon. Now, public officials, educators, parents and concerned community members are swiftly responding to this crisis in the hopes they can avoid long-term trauma and help recover a sense of normalcy in a difficult climate. One of the most immediate concerns is the need to provide grief counseling.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Teaching makes me a better athlete, says Memphis educator bound for the Olympics - ET CETERA
    Sable Otey is both a teacher and an athlete, striking a synergy that motivates her students as well as herself. And soon, the physical education teacher from Memphis will head to South Korea as an alternate on the U.S. bobsled team — and the first black mother in the team's history. Perseverance, discipline, hard work, and being a lifelong learner — they're qualities that Otey has developed in both endeavors and now seeks to pass along to her students at Memphis, Tennessee's Lowrance K-8.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: GENYOUth debuts Youth Survey on Trends in Health and Wellness - ET CETERA
    Nearly two-thirds of kids feel stressed about their health and well-being — and technology isn't helping. The survey explored and analyzed how various forms of technology are influencing the health and wellness behavior of students — including physical activity.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Providing social and emotional support for students - ET CETERA
    In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, our hearts are with this Florida community. We encourage teachers and parents nationwide to seek resources that can help young people who are struggling with stress, trauma, and other mental health issues.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: A before-school exercise program may help children thrive - ET CETERA
    A supervised exercise program that gets young children running and playing for an hour before school could make them happier and healthier, while also jibing with the needs and schedules of parents and school officials, according to a new study involving two dozen elementary and middle schools. The results also caution, however, that the benefits may depend on how often children actually participate.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Head injuries hit 1 in 14 kids, CDC reports - ET CETERA
    Given the news of the devastating effects of head injuries among professional football players, parents may wonder if their mini athletes are at risk, too. About 7 percent of children 3 to 17 years old have experienced a head injury, according to U.S. health officials. The findings are part of a report on children's head injuries released Feb. 9 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: NJ middle school parents want more physical activity for their children - ET CETERA
    Parents of students in New Jersey's Millburn Middle School are pushing school officials to include more time for daily physical activity. They urge the school's faculty and staff to implement physical education classes throughout the school year, instead of only during three of the four marking periods. According to some parents, engaging in physical activity year-round will boost their children's physical and mental health and will make them less lethargic.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Physical education teacher education program to be phased out at Ohio State by 2022 - ET CETERA
    The physical education teacher education program will no longer be available for Ohio State University students come 2022. Erik Porfeli, the chair of the Department of Human Sciences, released a memo detailing the decision. The state of Ohio requires a bachelor's degree and licensure to teach physical education. Ohio State isn't the first school in the state to cut its undergraduate physical education major.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Most parents don't believe their child's BMI report card - ET CETERA
    Fifty-three percent of parents who receive their child's body mass index report card do not believe that it accurately categorizes their child as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese, according to new research. Researchers conducted a study to determine how parents responded to their child's BMI report card, which contains health information about their child's weight and the steps families can take if their child is categorized as "overweight" or "at risk" for certain diseases, such as heart disease or high blood pressure.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: This is how you should actually warm up before dancing - ET CETERA
    For many dancers, a "warmup" consists of sitting on the floor stretching their legs in various positions. But this strategy only reduces your muscles' ability to work properly — it negatively affects your strength, endurance, balance and speed for up to an hour. Instead, follow a warmup that will actually help prevent injury and improve your body's performance.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Tackle this: Flag football only until high school? - ET CETERA
    Two lawmakers in California recently announced their plan to introduce a state bill to ban youth tackle football before their freshmen year in high school as a way to reduce players' risk of head injuries. The Safe Youth Football Act, for consideration this spring, would ban 7,500 pre-freshmen players in the Golden State from taking part tackle football, according to the two legislators. So, how would this youth sports bill affect high school football?
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Montgomery County would have to hire 133 PE teachers if Maryland expands PE - ET CETERA
    A bill introduced in Maryland's General Assembly that would require a specific number of minutes of physical education classes could have a dramatic impact on Montgomery County Public Schools, if it passes. Physical education classes are required for elementary school students in Maryland, but the state has not designated a minimum number of minutes that kids have to spend in those classes. So for the eighth year in a row, a Democratic lawmaker from Prince George’s County is trying to change that.
  • Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:42:04 +0000: Pennsyvlania intermediate students dance for a cure - ET CETERA
    Nearly 200 kids grooved to the booming beat of dance music played throughout the Pennsylvania gym. Fourth-graders dressed in mostly yellow or blue to signify the event mixed on the floor. The festivities were to mark the Pleasant Valley Intermediate School's Mini-THON fundraising campaign. The school's goal was to raise $10,000. They crushed it.